NHSE/I Clinical leadership opportunities in specialised commissioning roles

NHS England & NHS Improvement are looking to fill several clinical leadership vacancies. Application deadline: 27 June 2022

Published: 01 June 2022 Careers

NHS England & NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) are currently looking to fill a large number of positions in the arena of specialised commissioning.


The clinical leaderships roles being recruited, include:

  • National clinical directors (including for programmes of care)
  • National speciality advisors
  • Clinical leads
  • Clinical members
  • Other clinical roles in specialised commissioning


Vacancies in service areas of particular interest to radiographers include:

There are also roles for service areas such as domestic violence, health and justice, gender dysphoria and medicines optimisation which may be of interest.


NHSE/I are looking for individuals from a broad range of backgrounds who are passionate about addressing health inequalities, collaborative and innovative thinkers. If you are a senior radiography professional who has recent experience of clinical delivery and are keen and ready for a national role - why not apply!

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For more information about the opportunities, including remuneration details, please see the NHSE/I website