Covid Kids

Poem by a paediatric diagnostic radiographer

Published: 20 May 2020 Children

Lauren Smith, a paediatric diagnostic radiographer at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool, says "I wrote this comforting poem, called Covid Kids, for children who have come to the hospital during the pandemic. Even as adults we have all struggled to cope, so I can't imagine how children are processing the current situation. What we don't want is for people to fear and refrain from coming to the hospital when they need us. This was my attempt to pass on that message."

Our attire may seem scary
But do not fear
Beneath our masks
A smile will appear

Our voices are muffled
So we have to shout
Otherwise our kind words
Won’t come out

I know it seems chaotic
Quite like a zoo,
But we are here
To look after you

Donned to the max
In PPE galore
We are hot and bothered
Another day in store

But we continue
To do our best
Looking forward
To our next rest

You are our focus
We are here to help
So if you are hurt
Don’t just yelp

Come to the hospital
Where we will fix
Your broken bones
With our clever tricks

Covid-19 has taken the world
By storm
But very soon
It will return to norm

So look after each other,
Stay safe and stay inside
But remember
Our doors are always open wide