College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme announces new industry partners for 2024

The CoR has welcomed four new partners to its research grant scheme, to support essential radiography research

Published: 15 January 2024 CoR

The College of Radiographers’ Industry Partnership Scheme (CoRIPS) has welcomed four new partners to help fund radiography research projects for 2024. 

CoRIPS is a research grant that funds projects related to any aspect of the science and practice of radiography, and is supported by industry partners that contribute to the vital research. 

The scheme is run by the College of Radiographers, the charity subsidiary of the Society of Radiographers. 

Successfully obtaining a grant can enable radiographers to be primary investigators in research projects, even without any previous research experience. The scheme offers funding of up to £5,000 for small projects and up to £10,000 for larger projects.

The new industry partners include German pharmaceutical company Bayer as a Diamond level partner, French medical imaging manufacturer Guerbet as a Premier partner, as well as Skilled Personnel and and at the industry partner level.

Find out more about the new partners below: 

Bayer - Diamond Partner 

Bayer has over 100 years of expertise in diagnostic imaging and is committed to developing innovative products, software and services to help radiology departments operate with a higher level of care.

The firm has developed technologically advanced injectors for CT, MR, cardiovascular imaging and nuclear medicine as well as MRI contrast media, all supported by a digital ecosystem of software and workflow solutions that managed patient, contrast, and scan data.

It offers remote support for rapid assistance and an end-to-end workflow to support achievement of consistent results, increased diagnostic confidence, and operational efficiency for the benefit of patient care.

Find out more about Bayer. 

Guerbet - Premier Partner 

Guerbet offers imaging products, solutions and services for diagnostic and interventional imaging, to improve clinical decision-making throughout the patient journey.

Guerbet dedicates 9 per cent of its revenue to research and development, and is focused on the diagnosis of major diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and diseases of the central nervous system. The company also focuses on interventional radiology, and has hundreds of patents owned and pending. 

Guerbet has also recently announced its Elucirem (Gadopiclenol) contrast agent has been granted marketing authorisation. The products is used to improve MRI detection and visualisation of conditions affecting the blood-brain barrier, and abnormal vein size.

Elucirem is the first half-dose nonspecific gadolinium-based contrast agent, and is expected to allow European radiologists to perform MRI exams with half the conventional dose, thus reducing exposure to gadolinium, which can be toxic in high doses.

Find out more about Guerbet. 

Skilled Personnel Consulting - Industry Partner 

Skilled Personnel Consulting provides specialist recruitment, relationship management strategies, and business development services to the imaging and oncology sectors. 

Skilled Personnel Consulting delivers bespoke workforce strategies designed to improve the current channels of recruitment and business development services available to the radiography industry.

Founder Fodi Kyriakos began supporting the CoRIPS initiative in 2011 as director of RIG Healthcare.

Find out more about Skilled Personnel. - Industry Partner is a provider of medical imaging artificial intelligence in the UK. Its comprehensive portfolio provides clinical solutions for multiple modalities and disease area, to help prioritise patient cases quickly and support radiology workforces. 

These include AI solutions for chest X-ray and CT for detection of lung cancer, TB or heart failure, neurocritical trauma or stroke CT, and musculoskeletal X-ray fracture detection.

Qure is deployed globally at more than 2,100 sites in over 80 countries. In the UK, Qure works with multiple NHS Trusts and Health Boards, teleradiology providers, and procurement frameworks. 

It is further being tested in emergency departments to rapidly detect potential chest X-ray or head CT issues and prioritise the cases for clinical review, and other NHS sites where AI is being used to help triage clinical cases and lighten the load on radiology workforces.

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(Image: CoRIPS Logo, via SoR)