New trustee for College of Radiographers

Dr Marcus Jackson has been recruited for his expertise in higher education and student wellbeing

Published: 22 April 2021 CoR

‘It’s an honour and a pleasure to be able to contribute to the strategy and direction of the College of Radiographers,’ says Dr Marcus Jackson, a newly appointed trustee for the College.

The Board of Trustees governs the College of Radiographers and comprises six external appointed trustees, up to six trustees nominated by the UK Council of the Society, along with the President and the Chair. Dr Jackson holds multiple roles at St George’s, University of London, where he is associate professor and professional lead for diagnostic radiography and associate dean for student experience.

Becoming a diagnostic radiographer in 1986, Dr Jackson has been a member of the Society of Radiographers since qualifying. He has assessed for the Approval and Accreditation Board and made contributions to the editorial panel of the Society’s journal Imaging & Therapy Practice.

While Dr Jackson is based at St George’s University, he is employed by Kingston University because the two institutions share the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, in which he works.

Dr Jackson hopes to put his experience in the world of radiography education to good use as a trustee, having been recruited to the role through an advert in Synergy News.

He says: ‘I’ve been recruited for my expertise in higher education. So I hope to have input in
terms of the education of both undergraduate and postgraduate radiographers, the overall student experience and student wellbeing.’

Dr Jackson adds: ‘One of the important skills is being able to understand sometimes complex and multi-layered issues and presenting those to colleagues, who perhaps don’t have that experience, in a way that’s accessible and that they can understand in order to make informed decisions.’

On being a trustee, he says: ‘My role on the Board of Trustees for the College is to be supportive, but it’s also to be critical and questioning of decisions made.

‘Sometimes that means delivering views and opinions that might not be well received but might be in the best interest of the College. It’s having a balance, using your knowledge and experience to critique decisions and strategic directions with the overall aim of ensuring the continued success of the College.’

His reasons for applying were, he says, ‘to give back and to be part of the wonderful institution’ of the College of Radiographers. ‘I think my experience and skill set can be of use to the College and it’s really exciting to be part of its future.’

When asked how he will manage his multiple work commitments, Dr Jackson says: ‘I think if you’re interested in something you make the time’. He adds: ‘Every day is a school day. I think someone’s very foolish if they think they can’t learn from experiences and interactions. I know I can learn a tremendous amount from colleagues on the board but also from interactions with colleagues who don’t sit on the board.’