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Consultant radiographer group moves to Glasscubes

22 December, 2017
Glass cubes

The SCoR provides a virtual space for the approximately 125 consultant radiographers across the UK, where they are able to share, work and learn.

A cloud-based collaboration platform called Glasscubes, it provides a way for members to collaborate by a noticeboard and discussion threads.

There is a facility to hold polls and also to store and share information as images and documents. It’s a secure space and is accessible from anywhere; there is an app for smartphones and tablets. Where trusts have firewalls in place, local IM&T department staff can allow access.

Glasscubes is also used by the SCoR research group and it is intended that the platform will be extended to the use of other groups in the future. 

For trainee consultant radiographers or members who do not already have access please contact Tracy O’Regan.

The arrangements for face to face consultant radiographer group meetings are co-ordinated online and the platform will be used for the Consultant Radiographer Advisory Group (CRAG) to work with the full consultant group. CRAG meeting minutes and annual work plan will be available on Glasscubes.

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