Update for radiographers administering contrast agents using a patient group direction

Guidance and templates

Published: 13 August 2020 Contrast Media and Drugs

The law currently states that radiographers are allowed to supply and/or administer medicines using patient specific directions (PSD) or patient group directions (PGD). 

The use of PGDs is heavily regulated. Departments are encouraged to visit the Specialist Pharmacy Services website for all of the latest information including a template set of Patient Group Directions for common intravascular contrast agents.

The aim of the templates is to produce a consistent presentation which has been reviewed by specialists within radiology. They have ensured that the legislative and clinical parameters have been fully considered and addressed, but have been mindful of the previous SPS advice on the use of PGDs for contrast agents. These templates are adaptable for local circumstances. 
Questions have been asked as to whether or not it is acceptable for a registered or unregistered healthcare professional to prepare and/or administer contrast to an individual that has been supplied by a radiographer under a PGD.

The legality of the preparation and/or administration will depend on the route of administration, the process being followed, the legal status of the contrast agent and is summarised in the document

The Health and Care Professions Council recently issued guidance for temporary/provisional registrant radiographers who are considering using PGDs

Please direct queries on PGDs or other medicines issues to Sue Johnson, SoR professional officer for clinical imaging.