SoR invites radiographers to AI update webinar

The SoR is hosting a webinar highlighting the current work and research of the AI Advisory Group, as well as uses of AI in the future

Published: 02 April 2024 CPD

Following a series of AI webinars last year, the Society of Radiographers is hosting an event to explain how it is working to understand and the best ways to make use of the technology.

Thewebinar, to be held on 10 April from 7pm to 8pm, will highlight the current work and partnerships of the AI Advisory Group, will explore the current research being done into it, and will consider potential research questions and uses of AI in the future.

It will also provide time for attendees to put questions to members of the group.

Rapid evolution

In 2024, the Society’s AI webinar series gave an overview of the technology, its uses in radiography, and the challenges and opportunities associated with its implementation.

“AI has evolved rapidly in recent years and has infiltrated every aspect of our lives,” the Society said. “It has revolutionised healthcare and other industries, reshaped economies, and redefined human potential. It holds the promise of transforming how we live and work, propelling humanity into a new era of unprecedented progress and endless possibilities.”

However, they also warned there are risks and limitations to consider, including ethical concerns and the potential impact of this technology on delivering person-centred care.

Importance of ongoing development

This webinar series covers AI terminology, present examples of where and how AI is used in everyday life and specifically healthcare, review governance considerations, and outline potential challenges that may be encountered when translating AI software into clinical practice, highlighting the importance of ongoing clinical audit in departments.

Previous sessions, accessible via the SoR website, include:

  • General Introduction to AI for Radiographers, which covers concepts in artificial intelligence and the many sub-disciplines such as robotics, natural language processing, machine learning and computer vision.
  • Use of AI in Radiography, which addresses some of the risks associated with modern forms of AI in radiography and gives attendees guidance on how to ensure the responsible use of these technologies.
  • AI Implementation Challenges and Opportunities​, which teaches potential challenges of translating AI software into clinical practice and discusses the importance of ongoing audit of AI software in the clinical department.

Full details of the webinar can be found here. 

(Image: skyneshere via GettyImages)