New CT colonography e-learning sessions

Published: 31 July 2020 CT

Seven new CT colonography sessions are available via e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH).

Created by Stephen Wilson and Rachael Bilton, consultant radiographers at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, the sessions are free to access.

Rachael said, "These are useful tools for radiographers who want an introduction to CT colonography, as well as health professionals looking to develop knowledge and skills from the practical aspects to image review. Editing them has beena valuable experience."

The CT Colonography Radiographer Education Development Group (CTC REDG) was set up by Professor Julie Nightingale and Rachel Baldwin in 2015 to review and develop guidelines for CTC education and practice. Membership of this group includes experienced CTC radiographers who are involved in the delivery of short courses, and credit-bearing postgraduate awards to support the development of CTC services.

In 2018 the CTC REDG published a series of 'best practice' guidelines for radiographers working within the symptomatic and bowel cancer screening service.

Julie Nightingale said, "In addition to being an excellent resource for CPD, these sessions, used alongside the best practice documentation, provide an evidence-based framework against which CTC services can review and benchmark their practice."

In 2018 CTC REDG members reviewed and updated the 17 GI/GU e-LfH sessions, ensuring they reflect current policy, practice, and the latest technologies. 

Computed Tomography Colonoscopy e-LfH sessions.

For more information or questions, contact Dorothy Keane.