Radiography to be official journal of the EFRS

Published: 07 November 2015 Eastern

Radiography, the journal of the Society and College, will also become the official journal of the European Federation of Radiographer Societies from January 2016. 

Regarded as the premier English language peer review title for radiographic imaging and radiation therapy, the news of the expanded circulation follows a recent announcement that Radiographywill increase frequency from four to five editions a year from 2016

“Our aim is to establish the publication at the heart of the European radiography community,” Julie Nightingale, the editor-in-chief, said.

“The affiliation to the EFRS will help us to further develop the quality and range of the content.

“We will welcome the full involvement of the members of the EFRS community, primarily as authors and readers, but also as reviewers and members of the editorial team,” she continued.

The EFRS will nominate an individual to serve as a member of the Radiography editorial board.

Charlotte Beardmore, the Society and College’s director of professional policy, said: “We are delighted that the EFRS has recognised how important Radiographyhas become to the profession’s knowledge base and its key role in publishing original and ground-breaking research.”

“The journal has gone from strength-to-strength and the quality of the clinical, scientific and educational content on all aspects of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy continues to develop.” 

She continued, “We want to see a substantial increase in the amount of research published in the journal by members of the EFRS community.”

Members of EFRS national societies will be able to subscribe to the journal at a 50 per cent discount from January 2016.

Doreen Pronk-Larive, the executive officer of the EFRS, which represents more than 100,000 radiographers and 8000 students, commented, “This is a very exciting affiliation. It will provide excellent opportunities for practitioners and educationalists across Europe to have access to a key source of radiography research.” 

“We are delighted to have reached an understanding with the SCoR and Elsevier, the publishers of Radiography.”

The European Federation of Radiographer Societies represents more 100,000 radiographers and over 8,000 students through 38 national societies/professional bodies and 49 institutions involved in radiography education throughout the geographical region of Europe.