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Education on the stand 2018

18 June, 2018
UKRCO education on the stand

Make the most of the UKRCO event in Liverpool this year by finding out what CPD opportunities are available.

Book a place and attend one of the short ‘bite-size’ lectures, demonstrations or presentations offered by companies in the exhibition area. The sessions offer education and training linked to clinical practice or techniques.

Some of the sessions are CPD Now endorsed, and provide you with a valuable opportunity to pick up new skills, learn fresh procedures and enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Below, you will find a list of the Education on the Stand sessions with information on how you can book your place and avoid disappointment.

This information will be updated with additional courses up until the conference begins. Check back regularly to ensure you don’t miss out!

If you haven’t booked your ticket for UKRCO yet, please do register

Remember you can register for free to attend the exhibition as a day delegate.

Make sure to visit the CoR stand (P35) and chat with the officers, and have your picture taken for Synergy News.

Agfa Healthcare

Stand 33

Image processing presentations

MUSICA Presentation 1: Optimisation of image processing algorithms for bed-side chest radiography; a comparison of two generations of Agfa MUSICA by Dr Tim Wood, Principal Physicist/Radiation Protection Adviser, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and Dr. Craig Moore, Physicist & Radiation Protection Adviser, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

MUSICA Presentation 2: Measurement of operator scatter for endoscopy procedures employing a tube over couch system by Paul Charnock, Clinical Scientist, Medical Physics Expert & Radiation Protection Advisor, Integrated Radiological Services (IRS) Ltd.

UKKRO 2018, Demo Zone (Exhibition Floor), The ACC & Exhibition Centre, Liverpool, Monday 2 July 2018, 3pm-4pm.

Pre-book via or via the Agfa stand #33 at UKRC.

CPD Certificate of Endorsement. The session may help to support outcomes 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 19 of CPD Now.


Stand 47

Bite sized lectures offered at hourly intervals starting at 9.30am on each day.

The role of iodine in enhanced CT procedures

This talk will further the understanding of the differences between agents, with regard to physico-chemical properties which can be used to reduce radiation dose to patients and limit adverse events. There will be a discussion on the use of high concentration contrast media and why different strengths of contrast media should be used for different types of imaging.

An update on gadolinium contrast agents for MRI

This talk will discuss the recent changes to the use of gadolinium based contrast agents, with regard to the recent EMA decisions. It will cover the differences between agents, with regards to patient safety and imaging outcomes. The talk will give an opportunity for a Q&A session which will help to address any questions delegates may have.



Stand 0134

Considerations of Multiple Metastasis SRS, planning through to delivery

An overview of Brainlab solutions: a journey from the MDT through to post-treatment analysis.

Tuesday 2pm

Wednesday 11am.

No pre-registration required.



Stand 60

PACS/RIS Masterclass

An opportunity to have a one hour session with a Carestream Clinical Application Specialist to have 1:1 training on a topic of their choice.

Please note this training is only offered to Carestream PACS/RIS customers.

One hour slots available on the Carestream stand during the exhibition opening times. Attendees must pre-book.

Booking email:



Stand 64

MRI Explained in 15 minutes

Learn the underpinning principals of MRI in the time it takes to drink a coffee!

Monday 2pm

Tuesday 11am

Booking email:

MRI - Under the Covers

By design, MRI scanner components are not accessible. MRI in Practice author John Talbot presents a CGI guided tour.

Monday 11am

Tuesday 2pm

Wednesday 11am

Booking email

Pre-booking for all sessions is encouraged as sessions are very popular.


GE Healthcare

Stand 24

MR Excellence

Multi Vendor MR Excellence: A practical education session describing the use of  Machine Data Intelligence and Human Expertise to unlock clinical value and operational efficiency in UKI hospitals Magnetic Resonance Departments. Experiences from UK NHS hospitals.

11am to 11.30am each day

Delegates can pre-register their interest in registering for the education on the stand by clicking on this link

Dose Management Excellence

New IR(ME)R & Euratom regulations: How implementing a dose management system and image Optimisation Team can facilitate regulations compliance, Image quality & dose optimisation and standardising patient care.

1.30pm to 2pm each day

Delegates can pre-register their interest in registering for the education on the stand by clicking on this link



Stand 56-57

Please book your place at Guerbet welcome desk, stand 56-57.

Registration and full timetable available on the stand

Safety of Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents (GBCAs)

Overview of types of adverse reactions associated with GBCAs. Brief update on NSF. Gadolinium accumulation in brain detected in the form of unexpected T1 hyper-signals. Review of Published data on Gadolinium acculation. Comparison of structural stability of commonly used GBCAs.

Monday 11am, 2pm
Tuesday 1pm
Wednesday 12 noon

Contrast induced nephropathy (CIN)

Definition of CIN. The pathophysiology of CIN. The risk factors related to CIN. The role of osmolality and viscosity of the contrast agent in CIN. A detailed analysis of Iso-osmolar contrast agent and Low-Osmolar contrast agents and their role in the aetiology of CIN. Potential prevention of CIN.

Monday 12 noon
Tuesday 11am
Wednesday 11am

Use of Oil-Soluble Contrast Media (OSCM) in HysteroSalpingoGraphy (HSG)

Overview of diagnostic efficacy of OSCM vs WSCM. Overview of clinical data showing potential link of contrast media in enhancing pregnancy rates. Review of the recent Dutch Multi-centred study.

Monday 1pm, 3pm
Tuesday 12 noon, 2pm
Wednesday 1pm

Optimisation in CT

Tuesday 3pm
Wednesday 2pm


Philips Healthcare
Stand 38

Register to attend our free education & innovation sessions on Monday 2nd July and Tuesday 3rd July.
Places are limited to 18 people per session, so be sure to secure your place now.

DXR Dose Optimisation and Image Processing


CPD Now endorsement has been applied for

DXR: New Innovation VIP Pre-Launch*


*Please note, access to this session will require an NDA form to be signed

MR Compressed Sense and 3D APT


CPD Now endorsement has been applied for

MR: Groundbreaking Technology Launch


CT Spectral Imaging


CPD Now endorsement has been applied for

Transformation and optimisation through use of advanced analytics and simulation tools


Interoperability is a Mindset


Register now:


Siemens Healthcare

Stand 53

The value of partnership: The Radiology Performance Management Service at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

14:00-14:25 Monday 2nd July

The Radiology Performance Management Service (RPMS) is a suite of consultancy services tailored to our customers’ needs. We deliver consultancy in the clinical context and focus on:

•       People – develops new mindsets, skills and behaviours

•       Processes – tried-and-tested route to sustainable improvements of your workflows

•       Patients – smooth the patient journey from referral to report

The RPMS is a long term partnership and delivers measurable outcomes. In this session the Clinical Director for Radiology at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust will share his experiences.

May support outcomes 1, 2, 3, 9 and 19 of CPD Now.

Email to pre-book.

Fusion Imaging in RFA – personalised ultrasound in action

10:30-10:55, every day

Fusion ultrasound in radiofrequency ablation (RFA) enables direct anatomical correlation between imaging modalities in order to target therapies to achieve the best outcomes in the management of a patient's disease. Join us to explore the dynamics of precision medicine in the management of focal liver disease and see how fusion ultrasound has the potential to affect treatment

Cardiac CT essentials

11:00-11:25, every day

The low cost and high sensitivity of cardiac CT make it the first-line investigation for patients presenting with chest pain due to suspected coronary artery disease. As a result cardiac CT is performed routinely in many departments across the UK with demand likely to increase. In this session we will look at the most important factors for successful cardiac CT including clinical indications, patient preparation, and basic cardiac anatomy.  We will consider the importance of ECG gating, chosen acquisition modes (retrospective, prospective and Flash) and reconstruction.

Optimising image quality to deliver precision medicine in the Operating Theatre

11:30-11:55, every day

Join us at this session to explore factors which may be considered to optimise image quality using a mobile C-arm during the theatre case. Areas covered include: selecting the correct imaging application, scene length, brightness and contrast and other general topics.

Radiotherapy planning in prostrate imaging

13:00-13:25, every day

A discussion around the staging and radiotherapy planning of prostate imaging on the MAGNETOM Aera RT discussing the differences in scanning, the set-up of the patient and the reasons behind radiotherapy planning in MRI.  

Advanced imaging techniques in radiotherapy planning

13:30-13:55, every day

An insight into the benefits of dual energy and Direct Density: their roles with lesion identification, contouring and dose calculations.

Pre-booking email

CPD Now endorsement has been applied for.

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