BAME members: We want your pictures and stories

Please send by Wednesday, 15 July

Published: 18 June 2020 EDI

The Society's equalities and diversity network is asking Black, Asian and ethnic minority members to send in their pictures and stories about being a radiographer for a special edition of Synergy News.

SoR Equalise wants to feature 100 of the Society's BAME members in the August issue of the magazine and to create a poster featuring members' pictures.

If you would like to take part, please:

  • Send a head and shoulders picture of yourself (as high quality/high resolution as possible)
  • Either send a short update about your career and your experiences as a BAME radiographer, or
  • Tell us if you would like to be interviewed
  • If you would just like your picture to be used but don't want to say anything about yourself, that's fine too. Please give your name, where you work, and role.

Some of the stories will also be shared on the SCoR's social media channels but do say if you don't want your's to be shared in this way.

Email pictures, text and any questions by Wednesday, 15 July.

This focus on amplifying the voices, experiences and visual representation of our diverse membership is part of an ongoing initiative by the Society to engage and profile members.