Download the SoR ADC app to make your conference experience a success

With the 2024 Annual Delegates Conference fast approaching, the Society is urging members to download the ADC app now

Published: 10 April 2024 Event News

The Annual Delegates Conference, taking place next week in Leeds, will use an app to help delegates track the event and vote during proceedings – attendees can download the app now.

As the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) approaches, the Society of Radiographers has prompted members to download the new ADC app in order to stay up to date on the latest news, track the conference agenda, and see all motions they will be able to vote on.

'Influencing policy plans'

Taking place at the Queens Hotel in Leeds from Monday 15 April to Wednesday 17 April, the ADC allows members of the Society of Radiographers to raise subjects for debate that will influence the UK Council’s policy plans, as well as debate and vote on topical issues affecting the profession and its members.

As with last year, ADC 2024 will use an online interactive platform for some voting, virtual attendance and conference information.

Other features include:

  • Conference agenda
  • Current motions
  • Live voting
  • Video and document library
  • Venue map
  • Activity feed
  • Attendee networking
  • ID badge
  • Live event notifications & updates

Download and install

The app also contains a unique QR code used to print conference badges at registration.

Download the ADC app before attending:

For iPhone/apple devices, please download here: SoR ADC 2024 | App Store

For android devices, please download here: SoR ADC 2024 | Google Play

Once downloaded, users must enter the email address they registered with, and will be prompted to create a password. For those who attended ADC 2023, the app won’t prompt you for a new password and will use the same password you generated last year - if you have forgotten this please select “forgotten password” to create a new one.

Login access to this app is restricted to those who have registered for ADC 2024.