SoR to celebrate HeartUnions Week and importance of rep work

The HeartUnions Week event will take place 12-18 February and aims to highlight the impactful work of unions across the country

Published: 09 February 2024 Event News

The Trade Union Congress’ annual HeartUnions Week initiative will take place next week, from 12-18 February, as part of efforts to highlight the important work of unions in the UK.

As part of the awareness week, the Society of Radiographers will be helping spread the word by promoting its union activities, and encouraging members to do the same. 

The initiative will see the SoR send out regular updates and blogs about the importance of the work of union representatives, and why it is vital for those not yet in a union to join. 

Care and support

These resources will be available for reps to access to help engage potential members, and the SoR is encouraging members to discuss joining the Society with colleagues, explain why being part of the community is valuable, and emphasise the way the Society can provide care and support at every step of the radiography career pathway.

From Monday 12 February, the SoR will join other unions across the UK in celebrating the important work unions do in protecting employment rights, developing learning opportunities, and improving the safety of workplaces. 

Reps from across the country will receive the HeartUnions pack, which will include new materials to assist reps in recruiting members. More recruitment tools and tips can be found via the SoR HeartUnions hub:

Part of the union

The SoR asked that members and reps take a few key steps to help radiographers understand the importance of being part of the union:

  • Increase SoR visibility by displaying posters and leaflets 
  • Have a heart-to-heart with as many colleagues as you can to promote why SoR membership is essential
  • Check-in with existing members and encourage them to consider training as a rep by sharing what you’ve learned, or skills you’ve developed through experience
  • Spread the SoR love on socials, by wearing your new SoR rep lanyard, taking a selfie, and posting "I'm proud to be an SoR learning, industrial relations or health and safety rep" to your socials. Be sure to tag @scormembers.

Anyone with queries should contact the SoR at [email protected].

Further information about HeartUnions Week and more online resources can be foundhere.

(Image: Representatives for the Society of Radiographers, via the SoR)