SoR qualitative research group launches search for new members 

The Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group has a mission to reach passionate radiographers and support research 

Published: 11 October 2023 Event News

The Society of Radiographers Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group (QRSIG) has announced its intention to welcome new members, embarking on a mission to expand its community of passionate qualitative research enthusiasts within the radiography profession. 

In addition, the group has announced plans for a comprehensive programme of events and lectures scheduled over the next year, with the primary goal of supporting qualitative research at all levels of the profession, and nurturing the expertise of radiography professionals in the realm of qualitative research.

Opening the doors 

Dr Jane Harvey-Lloyd, chairperson of the Society of Radiographers Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group, said: "We are thrilled to open our doors to new members and take qualitative research in radiography to new heights. The future of our profession relies on evidence-based practices, and qualitative research plays a pivotal role in shaping these practices. We welcome all professionals interested in qualitative research to join us as we embark on this enriching journey."

Over the years, the QRSIG has earned a reputation for hosting engaging events, and the upcoming programme promises to build on this legacy. Past events have encompassed a diverse range of topics, including support in getting published, raising awareness about various qualitative methodologies such as ethnography and grounded theory, as well as exploring the creative use of methodologies to empower research participants to reflect on their experiences.

"The Society of Radiographers Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of radiographer professionals with a keen interest in qualitative research," said Trudy Sevens, member of the organising committee of QRSIG.

"Our previous series of events has received an overwhelming response, and we are committed to offering an even more enriching experience in the future. We are keen to build on these by developing and establishing international collaborations too and future speakers will showcase this.”


The group recognises the immense value of qualitative research in shaping evidence-based practices in radiography. Therefore, its purposes are multifaceted:

Promoting the Application of Qualitative Research in Radiography: QRSIG seeks to create awareness and appreciation for the benefits of integrating qualitative research methods into the field of radiography. By showcasing successful applications of qualitative research, the group aims to inspire radiography professionals to adopt these methodologies in their own work.

Underpinning the Development of Qualitative Research in the Radiography Profession: QRSIG acknowledges the pivotal role that qualitative research plays in advancing the radiography profession. As such, the group aims to provide a supportive foundation for radiography professionals seeking to engage in qualitative research, thereby fostering a culture of continuous development and improvement.

Offering Opportunities for Research Collaboration using Qualitative Research: Collaboration is at the heart of QRSIG's mission. The group actively encourages research partnerships among radiography professionals within the UK and Internationally, facilitating knowledge exchange and unlocking new possibilities in the realm of qualitative research.

Providing a Support Network for Qualitative Researchers and Knowledge Seekers: QRSIG takes pride in offering a robust support network to both seasoned qualitative researchers and those looking to enhance their skills in this domain. Through mentorship, resources, and an inclusive community, the group aims to empower all members to reach their full potential in qualitative research.

The programme for the upcoming year comprises a well-rounded mix of in-person, hybrid, and web-based events. By providing varied formats, QRSIG aims to cater to the preferences and needs of its diverse membership base, accommodating their professional commitments and geographical locations. Next year promises an array of exciting events, including conferences, webinars, workshops, and guest lectures by distinguished experts in the field of radiography and qualitative research.

Open to all 

Membership to the Society of Radiographers Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group is open to all radiography professionals with a passion for qualitative research, regardless of their level of expertise. For those eager to explore the world of qualitative research, this is an excellent opportunity to join a supportive community and access valuable resources and events. 

For those interested in becoming a part of the Society of Radiographers Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group and staying updated on upcoming events, lectures, and research opportunities, they can follow the group on X (formerly known as Twitter): @SigQualitative.

The Society of Radiographers Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group is poised to lead the way towards achieving excellence in qualitative research within the field of radiography. They extend a warm invitation to all interested professionals to join us on this captivating journey, which includes dynamic international collaborations and engaging events. 

A list of events will be published in due course through QRSIG social media channels and mailing lists.

To join the group interested persons should email Trudy Sevens at [email protected] to be added to the mailing list and keep informed of events. 

Society of Radiographers Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group, Organising committee:

Trudy Sevens - Principal Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University 

Jane Harvey-Llyod - Associate Professor, University of Suffolk 

Amy Hancock - Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter

Louise McKnigh - Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University 

Ruth Strudwick - Professor, University of Suffolk

Gareth Hill - Associate Director, NHS Education of Scotland