UKIO 2024: 'Passion for the profession' on display during day one of congress

The first day of the UK Imaging and Oncology conference saw attendees praising dozens of vital sessions

Published: 11 June 2024 Event News

The first day of the UK Imaging and Oncology conference 2024 saw delegates display their passion for the profession following a packed day of sessions exhibition events and more.

Taking place from 10 to 12 June, the UK Imaging and Oncology (UKIO) conference offers an exciting stream of professional development, networking and lecturing opportunities alongside an exhibition hall showcasing the cutting edge of imaging technology.

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Following the first day’s end, the SoR’s executive director of professional policy, Charlotte Beardmore, shared her favourite events from the day,

'Energy in the exhibition'

Ms Beardmore said: “Day one, the energy in the exhibition hall has been one of the highlights, alongside seeing so many people passionate about the profession and its development.

“The plenary session on inequality framed the start to UKIO really well. There are so many things we need to address to ensure everyone has equitable access to healthcare, and seeing the variation through different regions and demographics, felt really important.”

Monday’s plenary session, “Why you can think about reducing health inequalities”, found Dr Tammy Boyce, senior research associate at the Institute of Health Inequality, explaining the impact that poverty has not only health conditions but on the quality of treatment available.

Also taking place on Monday were eponymous lectures, including the SCoR Stanley Melville Memorial Lecture, which examined the ways radiography can improve societal impact.

Fascinating education

At the exhibition hall, Ms. Beardmore touted the value of the SoR’s own stand, which boasts a continuous stream of educational talks and events being held throughout the three days of UKIO.

The stand is shared with the professional organisations the British Institute of Radiology and the Institute of Physics, Engineering and Medicine.

“We’ve had some fantastic presentations,” she said. “They’re all really fascinating. Seeing the number of people around the stand, talking about the profession and how they can get involved, has been fantastic.”

Also taking place within the exhibition hall was the “Pitch Your Project” presentation, which allowed radiographers to present their research topics to interested parties and get perspectives and questions from an audience. 

Looking forward

Looking ahead to the remainder of UKIO, Ms Beardmore emphasised her intention to keep networking to meet more radiographers, as well as to attend sessions taking place later in the day.

She emphasised a further session on inequalities, a session on workforce transformation and pathway care, and paying attention to the proffered papers, research put forward by radiographers for presentation at the conference.

She added: “I have to give a big shout out to our industry partners. We’ve got 13 and they’re growing all the time. It was fantastic to be at an event last night sponsored by FujiFilm and Skilled Personnel, but all of our industry partners were really fantastic.”

'It opens so many different doors'

She concluded by urging any students or radiographers interested in attendance to come along next year to experience the exciting and informative schedule of sessions and exhibitions on offer.

“Please, look to next year’s UKIO. We had two students who won CoRIPS awards to attend, and they’ve been flat-out going to so many different events, networking– it opens so many different doors in your career.

“If you can get to UKIO, even if only for one day next year, please come along.”

(Picture: Eva Slusarek)