‘Being and Becoming a Diagnostic Radiographer’ thesis earns PhD

Published: 14 December 2018 Ezine

Dr Jane M Harvey-Lloyd has received a PhD from the University of Brighton with her research on ‘Being and Becoming a Diagnostic Radiographer’.

Her thesis explores the transition experience of 10 newly qualified radiographers during their first 12 months in a post following graduation, using an interpretive phenomenological methodology. It provides evidence for preparation and support of graduates in the early months and an individualised, coaching based preceptorship scheme. 

Jane is an associate professor in diagnostic radiography at the University of Suffolk and is known for her passion for coaching, motivating and supporting others.

Her other research interests include paediatric imaging, workplace stress, resilience, preparing students for practice, peer assessment, practice education, and reflective practice.

Jane said, “I hope to continue to publish and collaborate with a range of healthcare professionals with areas of interest similar to mine and I am aiming to begin my PhD supervisory journey as soon as I can. I am open to offers!!”