11 ways cuts are hurting the NHS

Published: 04 December 2015 Ezine

Ahead of the Government's spending review published this month, the TUC launched a campaign to highlight 11 ways in which government cuts have hurt the NHS via a series of graphics.

The campaign called for the Government to alleviate the funding crisis in the NHS and to pledge more money to avoid service cuts and staff shortages. 

You can view the graphics below.

The 11 ways cuts are hurting the health service highlighted by the TUC are:

1. A & E queues are growing

2. Fewer older people get the social care they need

3. District nurse numbers are tumbling

4. Cancer treatment targets are being missed

5. Mental health capacity is falling whilst referrals increase

6. A million more people are on waiting lists

7. Shortage of trained nurses means soaring agency staff costs

8. Midwife shortages are forcing maternity units to close

9. Most hospital trusts are in financial deficit

10. GP workload is forcing more to leave the profession

11. Ambulance response times are missing targets

You can read more about the campaign here.