2019 Diagnostic Radiography Workforce Census launched

Published: 22 November 2019 Ezine

Radiology services managers across the UK are urged to complete the College of Radiographers’ 2019 Diagnostic Radiography Workforce Census.

The census helps the College inform the work of professional bodies, workforce planners, commissioners and providers of medical imaging.

Managers will receive an email request this week to complete the online questionnaire, asking for details about their workforce. The objectives are to establish the size, structure, nature and vacancy rate of the workforce in order to inform future workforce planning.

“We do appreciate that service managers are asked to submit this data to other organisations, particularly this year in England in relation to the NHSE/I workforce template.

"However, we currently do not have access to this data. It is vital that as many managers as possible complete the survey,” said Alex Lipton, SCoR professional officer for senior service managers and cross sectional imaging lead.

“We will also be reviewing how we collect data and what data requires collection before next year's census.”

The deadline to submit information is 6 December.

Click here to complete the survey.

If it is useful for you to gather all the required information before starting the online census, you can download a PDF version here.

This year's census will have data published by country and by organisation/department name. Previous years' data can be found in the SCoR document library.

Please contact Alex if you have any questions.