Access expert advice on cancer treatment side effects

Published: 14 November 2016 Ezine

Macmillan has launched a new support forum for healthcare professionals to access expert advice on treating patients who are suffering from long-term consequences of cancer treatment.

Macmillan virtual multi-disciplinary team (vMDT) is a secure online resource designed to provide health professionals access to specialists who can give advice on patients with complex or severe chronic symptoms following cancer treatment.

The aim of this two-year project, supported by The Christie, is to improve the outcomes and quality of life for people experiencing these issues.

Healthcare professionals who refer their patients to the vMDT will receive a response within two weeks, helping shared decision making regarding future care.

You can select which advice to follow and maintain responsibility for the patient throughout.

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Sarah James, Professional Officer for Radiotherapy at the SoR, said: “I’m pleased to hear about the launch of this new facility designed to support professionals, including therapeutic radiographers, whilst they support cancer patients who are experiencing debilitating and complex side effects after cancer treatments, including radiotherapy.

“Therapeutic radiographers are playing an increasingly important role in supporting radiotherapy patients after their treatment and with the increasing number of people living with the long-term side effects of their cancer treatments, facilities such as this should help to ensure all patients get the care and support they need.”