Appeal for radiographers to join NHS Retirement Fellowship

Published: 14 August 2019 Ezine

The NHS Retirement Fellowship is appealing to former radiographers to join the charity and take advantage of the support and benefits being offered.

Chief executive, John Rostill, said, “We know that radiographers are an important part of the NHS workforce and we have something to offer them in retirement after a lifetime of looking after others.”

Member benefits for the fellowship include holiday discounts, central London accommodation access, travel insurance and a pharmacy delivery programme.

The fellowship celebrated its 40th anniversary last year but numbers currently stand at just 9000.

“Given there are more than 1.3 million people working in the NHS, we need to encourage younger retirees to join while continuing to support our existing members,” John said.

Branches around the country have part-time staff who provide trips out, educational opportunities and social activities.

Retired radiographer Vic Griffins joined the fellowship after 40 years in the profession.

“I joined my local branch of the fellowship and quickly realised the benefits,” he said.

“The fellowship, which encourages retirees to join with their partners, has been a wonderful experience for my wife and myself, as it can be for you.”

Vic said, “New friends, social events, luncheon clubs, interesting days out, visits to theatres, 10 pin bowling, golf, holidays both in the UK and abroad, and many discount opportunities are just some of the benefits of this scheme.”

Membership of the NHS Retirement Fellowship costs £20 a year.

For more information about the NHS Retirement Fellowship or to join up, please visit the website at or email [email protected].