Apprenticeships for Advanced Practice learning

Published: 18 January 2017 Ezine

The team of staff who deliver post-graduate education at the University of Salford is currently looking for potential partners to join a prospective diagnostic imaging post-graduate apprenticeship trailblazer group.

Interest from clinical partners who want to take this forward and from other academic teams who would like to work with the team is welcomed.

The current portfolio appeals to a wide range of practitioners who use or report diagnostic images in their advanced or extended practice role.

Examples include: radiographic reporting, mammography, breast specialisms, interventional and fluoroscopic procedures, Nuclear Medicine and ultrasound.

The team envisages developing a set of standards which consider the generic skills and principles which would be suitable for this broad provision of advanced practice roles, i.e. regardless of the area of practice; for example evidence-based practice, reflective practice, use of protocols and patient-centred decision-making.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact Leslie Robinson at [email protected] or Charlotte Beardmore at [email protected]