Apprenticeships: UK Council issues statement

Published: 05 December 2016 Ezine

Some members will be aware of government plans to introduce apprenticeships across all sectors of the economy. This form of training differs from the conventional degree route into a profession and can be described as ‘on the job’ training.

The detail of how the development of apprenticeships will impact on radiography and any relationship with existing systems of learning and development is unclear. 

At this stage of development there are many questions that need to be answered, not least regarding security of employment, the impact apprentices will have on the existing labour market and the capacity of departments to support new forms of training when many struggle to manage day to day activity alongside current clinical placements.

UK Council is acutely aware of the need to manage the introduction of apprenticeships into the radiographic workforce and the many challenges this may present. The Society is talking with the other allied health professions, professional bodies and education providers.

The UK Council statement below recognises the degree of uncertainty that currently exists and the level of concern that some members have expressed about the impact that any additional requirement to support the introduction of apprenticeships may have on an already stretched workforce.

UK Council will monitor the development of apprenticeship progress within the NHS and, in particular, the operation of Trailblazers and keep members informed of developments.

Since Council published the statement, the Department for Education has launched a consultation on the proposed apprenticeships and members are urged to complete the brief survey.

We need your help.

We are aware of that some employers have submitted applications to become apprenticeship trailblazers and we expect there will be many more as the idea gathers momentum.

For this reason please tell us if you know of any potential trailblazers or of any expressions of interest already submitted. We would also appreciate details on the stage that has been reached in the process and copies of any documentation. Please forward this information to [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your help.

UK Council Statement on the introduction and development of the apprenticeship in the workplace

UK Council recognises that the UK Government will encourage the development of the apprenticeship within industry and the public sector.

Although apprenticeship programmes will develop primarily in the English economy, UK Council recognises that this form of learning and qualification will impact on education programmes and job opportunity across the UK.

UK Council notes the degree of uncertainty that exists over the development and the impact that apprenticeships at all levels could have on the profession and on employment. It also recognises that questions over apprenticeships are creating some anxiety amongst members.

Council believes that it is essential to engage with stakeholders, those submitting trailblazer applications (that will initially test and develop the programme) and education providers.

SCoR engagement will ensure that professional standards and employment rights are not compromised or eroded by employers or the government.

UK Council will constantly monitor and review progress with implementation of any scheme and will ensure that members are fully informed of developments via the website, social media, Synergy News and in e-zines.