Artist opens x-ray exhibition

Published: 14 December 2018 Ezine

Nick Veasey has made a career of making art out of medical imaging and he has opened an exhibition of images at his gallery in Lenham, Kent.

Using x-ray technology to ‘strip back the layers’, he shows what is under the surface, "exploring our obsession as a culture with external appearances and undermining their superficial value."

Nick comments, “X-ray is an honest process. It has integrity. It reveals how a subject is designed whether that be by man or by nature.

“By removing surface detail and exposing the normally invisible internal make-up of an object, my work is a continuous comment about the superficiality of modern life.

“It’s what is on the inside that really matters.”

The Process Gallery was purpose built by Guy Hollaway Architects and incorporates a concrete x-ray chamber which was cast on site.

A spokesperson from the architectural company commented, “Objects are x-rayed from above. The higher the x-ray machine, the larger the object which can be captured.”

Although the gallery is dedicated to his own work, Nick will be exhibiting other artists who specialise in an alternative approach to the process.

Nick Veasey noted, “When people arrive at our gallery they will be in for a unique experience. We want to show beautiful and intriguing work that will resonate with our visitors.”

The exhibition runs until 15 February 2019 at the Process Gallery.

See more of Nick Veasey's x-ray images.