Background to the pay offer

Published: 05 April 2018 Ezine

The Society and other health trade unions have argued for years that changes to Agenda for Change are necessary to make the pay system fairer.

Whilst ensuring that terms and conditions continue to deliver ‘flexibility, capacity, fairness and value,’ there has been a need to: 

  • Maximise the contribution of NHS staff and reduce the reliance on agency employees 
  • Strengthen the AfC agreement on pay progression
  • Review further reform to the pay system, maximising value for patients and fairness for staff.

Negotiations began in earnest in December last year to come up with a Framework Agreement, combining pay and structural reform of Agenda for Change, to benefit all NHS staff.

This has come about because of four developments: 

  • The result of the June 2017 General Election
  • The trade unions campaign to remove the pay cap
  • The Joint Unions Pay Claim submitted as part of the Pay Review Body process, and
  • The Chancellor’s announcement in the Autumn Budget 2017 when he said, “… My Rt Hon Friend the Health Secretary has already begun discussions with health unions on pay structure modernisation for Agenda for Change staff to improve recruitment and retention. He will submit evidence to the independent Pay Review Body in due course. But I want to assure NHS staff and patients that if the Health Secretary’s talks bear fruit, I will protect patient services by providing additional funding for such a settlement.”

For members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, agreement would mean that budgets go through the Barnett formula, which would allow unions, devolved governments and employers to hold discussions.

Questions? Contact [email protected] or go to the combined NHS health trade unions pay website.