Calling experienced expert witnesses - all diagnostic modalities and radiotherapy

Published: 03 February 2016 Ezine

The SCoR receives a significant number of requests from solicitors seeking to contact members who are willing, trained and able to act as an ‘expert witness’ when there is a civil claim for negligence made by or on behalf of a client. The solicitors  may be acting for a defendant (eg Trust or Health Board)  or for the plaintiff.

The SCoR is aware of a number of members  who have acted as an independent ‘expert witness’ but is also aware that there are many members who have experience in this field but are unknown to us. 

We would like to put together an ‘expert witness’ register that solicitors can directly refer to. We would therefore very much welcome it if you were able to make contact at the e-mail address below and let us know if you have experience of acting as an ‘expert witness’.  

This will include situations  where a formal written statement has been prepared for a solicitor, not just court appearances (which are fairly few). All we are asking for at the moment is for you to make contact and we will take it from there. 

Please contact us even if you know we are aware of you so that our information is as complete as possible. 

‘Expert witnesses’ must of necessity work independently of the SCoR. This initiative is to try and make the current procedures easier for all, to encourage and hopefully provide training and to share knowledge. It may be possible in due course to form a Special Interest Group.

At the moment we are just asking those with experience of being an ‘expert witness’  to make contact. We will make a further call in due course for those who would like to take on this exacting role in the future. 

Please e-mail Valerie Asemah All we need at this stage is your name, a contact e-mail address for you and an indication of the speciality or modality you have provided an ‘expert witness’ opinion on.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can help us  develop what we hope will become  a valuable and important resource. 

The closing date is Friday, 26 February 2016.

Charlotte Beardmore
Director of Professional Policy
Society and College of Radiographers