Celebrate radiography and support AHPs Day 2018

Published: 08 August 2018 Ezine

Radiographers are invited to join other allied healthcare professionals on the first ever AHPs Day (15 October) this year to celebrate, appreciate and recognise the extraordinary work of the AHP workforce, by marking the day and doing something that is meaningful and important to them

This social movement to bring AHPs together began on Twitter from an idea that sparked on a bus journey home from work back between Rachael Brandreth and Carrie Biddle who work across integrated therapies at the Royal Cornwall Hospital and Cornwall Foundation Trust, with crucial first follower support from radiographer Naomi Burden.

A tweet from Carrie asking followers to ‘give us a wave if you want to pick up on the #AHPsDay campaign bus’ saw health professionals wanting to get involved. It was decided that Monday, 15 October 2018 would be the very first AHP day after a @WeAHPs Twitter poll.

Suzanne Rastrick, the chief allied health professions officer for England and her team will be supporting the event. 

Carrie Biddle commented, “Not only is the day a great way to showcase the work we do collaboratively with other health professionals, but a way to celebrate and recognise the contributions made by APs across all sectors to improve the health and wellbeing of the general population. It is set to be a fantastic day.

“AHPs provide treatment and help to rehabilitate adults and children who are ill, have disabilities or special needs, to live life as fully as possible. They work across a wide range of different settings including the community, people’s homes, schools and hospitals.”

“It’s very much about AHPs marking the day by doing something that is important and meaningful to them, and to appreciate and celebrate the roles we do,” added Rachael Brandreth.

To get involved contact Carrie or Rachael.

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