Changes to pay bands

Published: 05 April 2018 Ezine

Overlaps between pay bands will disappear by removing the bottom points from each band. This will increase starting salaries across all bands.

In addition, pay bands will be restructured over the three years, with most changes completed by April 2020:

  • In Bands 2-4 the number of pay points will be reduced to two.
  • In Bands 5-9 the number of pay points will be three.

As the tables show, members not at the top of their pay band will see pay increases of 9% to 29% over three years. 

The interval between each point will no longer be yearly. Overall, this means a pay structure where staff get to the top point more quickly, with higher starting and promotion pay. 

Band 1 will be closed to new entrants from December 2018 and the NHS will be a Real Living Wage Employer.

Bands 8C, 8D & 9
Pay increases at the top point will be capped at the level of the top of 8c.

Re-earnable pay will continue and will be subject to annual appraisal. In the year after reaching the top of the band, up to 5 or 10% of basic salary will become re-earnable. 

Salary can be restored the following year, subject to achieving agreed outcomes.

Staff on the top two points of these bands on 31 March 2013 have reserved rights to the relevant point; this will be retained on a marked time basis.