Consultation: Safe and secure handling of medicines

Published: 07 March 2018 Ezine

The SCoR is part of a working party which has been drafting an updated version of Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines: a team approach, which is now open for consultation.

"This is essential multidisciplinary good practice guidance and is used extensively across the National Health Service, in the private sector and often in social care settings," commented Sue Johnson, an SCoR professional officer.

"The guidance considers the processes associated predominately with the physical handling of medicines," Sue continued.

"This includes obtaining, storing and transporting, manufacture or manipulation, as well as the issuing and administration of medicines, and their removal or disposal."

The updated draft guidance is available for comment on the Royal Pharmeceutical Society website until mid-April.

"It is important that diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy managers review the guidance and provide feedback around how it fits their facilities and working practices," Sue said.

The feedback questions are embedded within the draft document.

You can also provide feedback to Sue Johnson.