CoRIPS grants: Apply today and start your research journey

Published: 20 September 2018 Ezine

Don’t let a lack of funding hold you back from doing the research you’ve always dreamed of. Apply for a CoRIPS grant by 1 October and kickstart your entry into the world of research.

CoRIPS funding is specifically aimed at radiographers who have little or no previous experience of undertaking research and development (so don’t worry if you have never done this before).

Grants are awarded for projects related to any aspect of the science and practice of radiography - up to £5000 for small projects and £10,000 for larger. However, bids for funding exceeding these amounts are also considered.

Already this year, radiographers have secured a combined £20,000 for research projects ranging from rudeness on clinical placements to the role of radiographers in providing lifestyle advice.

For example, Nickola Palin, a radiographer at the London Clinic, was awarded £4500 to understand how therapeutic radiographers are using online resources to advise patients about the benefits of exercise and diet.

Another successful applicant for funding was Trudy Sevens, professional lead at Sheffield Hallam University, who is looking at potential challenges and barriers to the introduction of apprenticeships.

Aneesa Admani of Southbank University is looking at whether staff being rude to students is driving them from the profession.

Measuring the patient experience of radiographic procedures to improve the patient pathway

This year, a new CoRIPS grant was introduced, designed to give access to funding for researchers carrying out studies in improving the patient pathway and a total of three grants are available, with a total pot of £20,000.

A recent successful applicant was Christina Malamateniou, research lead at the University of Greenwich, who received £14,000 to understand the needs of patients with autism spectrum disorders who have been referred for, or who have had, an MRI scan.

Don’t forget, the deadline date for all CoRIPS grant applications is 1 October!

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