Could you let us know if you are an SoR Health & Safety rep

Published: 29 March 2018 Ezine

The Society is asking all health and safety reps to confirm that they are in post and have been elected by their workplace colleagues in the past 12 months.

“It has been a long time since we carried out an audit of who actually is an SoR H&S rep,” commented Ian Cloke, the Society’s health and safety officer.

“It is important that we can provide support and training to anyone who wants it and to notify reps about resources that will help them and members,” Ian continued.

“The H&S reps are a vital part of the SoR team and it is important the organisation backs them up.

“I suspect that there are people who we think are accredited H&S reps, but who have actually left the post, and there are others who are reps and we don’t know about them,” Ian continued.

“If you are a Society health and safety rep can you please confirm by completing the form.

“It’s quick and easy to do and will ensure that our records are up-to-date. It really would be appreciated.

"if you are no longer an H&S rep, please email Nicola Holmes to let her know.

“We are very conscious of the contribution made by our reps. We simply could not function without you!”