CR-UK asking radiographers to back #shortstaffed campaign

Published: 21 November 2017 Ezine

With the message 'The government must train and employ more staff to diagnose cancer early', Cancer Research UK is continuing the campaign to pressurise the Department of Health to increase investment in resources that will encourage the early diagnosis of cancer.

They are asking SoR members to download, print and personalise a template placard, take a picture of themselves and perhaps colleagues holding it, and posting the image to social media with the hashtah #shortstaffed

An example post on Twitter might read: I’m a radiographer and I support @CRUK_Policy’s campaign to increase the number of NHS staff who diagnose cancer. #shortstaffed

The CR-UK campaign has three objectives:

  • Retain and train current staff
  • Address shortages though increasing the limited pool of people available right now for diagnostic roles, through international recruitment and fast-track training schemes
  • Future proof the NHS for increasing demand, based on clinical need.

Like the Society, Cancer Research UK is non-political and asks that social media posts with the #shortstaffed hashtag do not include political statements because they would like to repost as many messages as they can to drive the campaign forward.

Download the #shortstaffed placard below and start sharing.