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Version 1. 31 March 2020

To date, questions from CT radiographers have all been related to PPE but the following resources are likely to be particularly useful if you are working in CT.

Good governance during this pandemic will ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities, stays safe and ensure patients continue to receive safe and high quality care. It will also help to make the best use of resources available.

The following links to our regularly updated information pages may be of use to CT Service Leads:

Covid-19: Common employment questions

I’m told I could be asked to do something I’m not trained to do or not confident to do, as I haven’t done this for a long time. What’s the SoR’s advice?

The SoR understands that it can be very daunting for members who haven’t worked in a particular area for many years to be asked to do something different or new, especially at a time of high stress.

Everyone who is doing a particular aspect of radiography/radiotherapy must be competent and confident in that area of work, just as normal. The employer does have the right to ask you to work in another area but they must ensure that you are competent and confident to carry out that work to the required standard. The employer must provide adequate re-training and supervision and the area must be within the Scope of Practice of a radiographer.

You should also be paid at your substantive grade if the pay for this work is lower than your normal work.

As employees, members must carry out reasonable instructions given to them by management and raise any concerns they have about their ability to do the new duties (including health concerns) with their manager in the first instance. If this doesn’t resolve the issue you can ask for specific advice and support from the SoR.

More information available here 

Covid-19: Infection Control

Contact with infected patients or suspected cases
Guidance for health professionals
Infection prevention and control responsibilities