Don’t get beaten with the audit stick

Published: 20 March 2017 Ezine

Author: Louise Coleman, Professional Officer for Education and Accreditation

The HCPC is going to beat us with the audit stick later this year.

Instead of dreading the fall of the second envelope on to the door mat, wouldn’t it be it be better to say “Audit? Bring it on!”?

So, what’s stopping us? Probably the lack of time, right?

Wrong. What’s stopping us is the myth that CPD takes a long time to do. I talk about this myth a lot and I like busting it during the online live tutorials I run for SoR members. Tutorial participants take part in two minute activities and almost without fail prove that it doesn’t take more than 120 seconds to jot down the key elements of a CPD plan or reflection of learning.

Yes, proof reading might take a little longer but it’s the initial thoughts and ideas that are important and it doesn’t take an age to write those down.

Online live tutorials run on average once a week. Some are during the day but the most popular ones start at 7pm. There are a variety of topics that will help all practitioners enhance their CPD, and more importantly, make it quicker and easier to do:

  • Introduction to CPD and CPD Now - Ideal for those asking “How do I use CPD Now?”
  • Planning your CPD using CPD Now and Planned Pathways - Perfect for practitioners who say “I don’t have time to do CPD”.
  • Recording reflective CPD evaluations - Just right for members who say “I was never taught reflection when I trained”.
  • Accreditation for assistant practitioners - Great for assistant practitioners who aren’t sure about recording CPD that evidences their scope of practice.
  • Accreditation for advanced and consultant practitioners – Theory and practice for the tier of radiographers who are striving to position their own practice and CPD in a wider national or world view.

So, if you want to show the HCPC you’ve no fear of their audit stick, and prove you have confidence in your CPD and professional abilities, join an online tutorial and find out how to do smart CPD.

CPD and CPD Now resources

  • Full details about each of the tutorials can be found on the resources tab of CPD Now, or click here.
  • On the same page is a booklet that explains online live tutorials.
  • There’s a CPD Now overview video on our YouTube Channel and the CPD Now page.
  • There were a series of four articles in Synergy News about CPD and accreditation (August - November 2016) and they can be accessed from the CPD page.