Download ultrasound ‘pause and check’ posters

Published: 04 April 2016 Ezine

‘Have you paused and checked?’ posters and a prompt card have been launched to support ultrasound practitioners in clinical imaging services. 

They are designed to act as a ready reminder of the checks that need to be made when any ultrasound examination is undertaken.

The posters are designed in PDF format to allow for easy downloading and printing. They can then be displayed in the department as required. There are A4 and A3 sizes available and also an A6 version that is small enough to be placed close to a machine or work station.

The posters have been developed by a joint working party from the SCoR and the British Medical Ultrasound Society. They follow on from the publication of similar posters published by the SCoR for examinations involving ionising radiation.

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Pause and Check A4 Poster

Pause and Check A6 Prompt Card

Pause and Check A3 Poster