Expressions of interest required for a CoR accreditation retreat

Published: 22 August 2019 Ezine

Are you thinking about applying for accreditation (whether it be practice educator, advanced practitioner or consultant) or applying for re-accreditation?

Are you at a sticking point with your application or do you need something to kickstart it?

Would you like the valuable opportunity to work on your application away from distractions and with advice and support available from a professional officer and peers?

Jacquie Vallis, professional officer for education and accreditation, is hoping to find out how much interest there would be within the profession for an accreditation writing retreat.

The day would be at the SoR headquarters in London and would consist of:

  • An introduction to the particular accreditation scheme and discuss what makes a good application
  • Space and time to work either on your own in quiet or in a room with others who don’t mind ideas and questions being thrown in
  • Opportunities throughout the day to discuss your ideas with facilitators and peers
  • Leave feeling more confident with a clearer understanding of the accreditation requirements, having made progress with your application and with an action plan to ensure completion and submission.

If you are interested, email Jacquie with the type of accreditation you are interested in.