Feedback needed on extent of AHP-led MSK ultrasound

Published: 13 July 2016 Ezine

SoR members are needed to provide feedback on a survey to determine the provision and future provision of musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound and ultrasound guided injections.

MSK ultrasound and ultrasound guided injections have traditionally been the domain of the medical professionals.

Growing demand for these services has led to Allied Health Professionals training and developing their role to provide a service that is equal to that provided by medical professionals.

A research project, carried out by an independent team of sonographers, aims to ensure that patients do not receive variation in their treatment, whether they are seen by a medical or an AHP.

Participation in the survey is needed to AHPs that perform MSK ultrasound, with or without USGI’s, and the extent of their practice.

The researchers are also aiming to recruit centres willing to participate in a wider study to explore patient satisfaction, experience and outcomes from a non-medical professional-led service.

This would involve handing out questionnaires post scan/injection.

If you do not want to take part in the study, you can still take part in the survey.

If you are willing to participate in the study, there is a space at the end of the questionnaire for you to leave your contact details.

Take the survey

This study is an independent study and is not the responsibility of the SoR, if you have any questions about the survey, please contact andrew.longmead@[email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]