Gain a head start on planning your future career

Published: 26 February 2019 Ezine

Join us at the Annual Student Conference 2019 to find out what you can expect from your first qualified role and how to gain a head start on thinking about your future career.

You will have the opportunity to hear from experts, network with peers and attend one of the following three workshops:

  • Starting Your First Radiographer Post
    Want to learn how you can best prepare for your first qualified role? Jacquie Vallis, SCoR Professional Officer, will explain the purpose and benefits of preceptorship and discuss preparation strategies.
  • 'To Infinity and Beyond’: Career Development as a Radiographer
    Richard Evans, SCoR CEO, will discuss how you can identify and make the most of professional opportunities throughout your career. Emerging new directions for the profession will also be explored.
  • Advanced Clinical Practice: Realising Potential and Transforming Care
    Anne-Marie Culpan, Project Director and Clinical Advisor at Health Education England, will explore the development of advanced clinical practice (ACP) and encourage you to consider how you may develop and foster the qualities and characteristics of ACP in your learning, practice and career development.

Don't waste valuable time in the early stages of your career by not recognising opportunities for advancement; join us, be inspired and leave with a better understanding of advanced level practice to help you take the first steps towards making the most of your professional potential.

For more information, view the full programme, visit our fees page and book your place now.