Have your say on the sonographer apprenticeship standards

Published: 26 February 2019 Ezine

Members will be aware that there is a sonographer apprenticeship trailblazer group currently developing an apprenticeship route leading  to qualification as a sonographer.

As part of  its development there are two mandatory consultations. One is on the Standard and the other is on the End Point Assessment (EPA). 

The following are details of the EPA consultation, the Standard having now been approved following an earlier consultation.

The consultations are organised by the  Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

SCoR members are being encouraged to take part in the consultation to help develop an EPA that meets training needs and ensure new apprenticeships are viable, high quality and widely supported.

EPA proposals included in the draft proposal include:

  • Length of assessment
  • Assessment methods
  • Grading
  • Internal Quality Assurance
  • Affordability
  • Professional body recognition
  • Mapping of KSBs

The closing date for submissions is March 4.

You can read the proposal in full and take part in the survey by heading to instituteforapprenticeships.org and scrolling down to ‘EPA Stage’ and looking for ‘Sonographer’.