HCPC extend radiographer’s suspension

Published: 02 April 2019 Ezine

Senu T Sejoro, a sonographer who worked at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, has been suspended from the Health and Care Professions Council Register for a further 12 months, after an initial suspension two years ago.

Mr Sejoro’s fitness to practice was found to be impaired by reason of misconduct and a lack of competence.

It is said he fell onto a pregnant patient’s abdomen during a 20-week scan, put pressure on the patient’s abdomen by pushing himself to his feet, submitting incorrect patient assessment information and not correctly completing an examination.

Miscommunication with a patient during a scan was also proved.

The Tribunal Service decision stated, “In light of the concerns which have not been addressed, and the lack of engagement in the regulatory process for over two years, the panel was satisfied that a fully informed and fair minded member of the public would be concerned if the registrant were returned to unrestricted practice.

“The panel was therefore satisfied that the need to maintain public confidence in the profession and to uphold proper standards would be undermined if a finding of impairment were not made in the particular circumstances of this case.”

Although it was not an available option at this stage, at the next review the panel will have the power to make a striking-off order.

Mr Sejoro was not present at the hearing.

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