HCPC updates requirements on education and training standards

Published: 10 April 2018 Ezine

The HCPC has issued new requirements for education providers ahead of its annual monitoring assessments process for 2018-19.

Education providers need to be making final changes to programmes to make sure they meet the revised standards of education and training (SETs), outlined below. 

The requirements

  • There must be an effective process in place to ensure availability and capacity of practice-based learning.
  • Learners must be involved in the programme.
  • There must be an effective process in place to support and enable learners to raise concerns about the safety and wellbeing of service users.
  • Learners are able to learn with and from those in other relevant professions.
  • Learners explicitly demonstrate that they meet the expectations of professional behaviour, including the standards of conduct, performance and ethics (SCPEs).

Providing new evidence

Next year, the HCPC will be asking for more evidence via the annual monitoring process than in previous years.

In particular they will be looking for feedback on practice-based learning, from all the parties involved, and from service users and carers.

Next steps

In order to understand the requirements, education providers should:

Programme leaders will be contacted in late summer 2018 with information about what to send us for annual monitoring.

For further advice on how to meet the standards email [email protected]