HEE leads work on a common definition for advanced clinical practice

Published: 14 February 2017 Ezine

A multi-professional group led by HEE have worked together to confirm a statement defining the term ‘advanced clinical practice' (ACP).

The statement is designed to provide clarity for employers, service leads, education providers and healthcare professionals, as well as potential ACPs practising at an advanced level.

The statement reads: “Advanced Clinical Practice is delivered by experienced registered healthcare practitioners. It is a level of practice characterised by a high level of autonomy and complex decision-making. 

“This is underpinned by a masters level award or equivalent that encompasses the four pillars of clinical practice, management and leadership, education and research, with demonstration of core and area specific clinical competence.

“Advanced Clinical Practice embodies the ability to manage complete clinical care in partnership with patients/carers. It includes the analysis and synthesis of complex problems across a range of settings, enabling innovative solutions to enhance patient experience and improve outcomes.”

Charlotte Beardmore, Director of Professional Policy at the SCoR and Co-chair of the HEE ACP steering group (representing the AHP HEE Advisory Group), said: “'This is the first time a common multi-professional definition has been developed which can be applied across professional boundaries and clinical settings.

"The definition serves to support a consistent title and recognises this growing role in England.

"Further work will be undertaken within the project to define the supporting competency frameworks.

"The College of Radiographers framework supports this definition; it is essential that the four core domains of expert practice are included within these roles and that the focus for development and implementation is upon improved patient experience."

Those involved in the development of the definition included:

  • ACPs
  • healthcare managers
  • employers
  • ACP leads in HEE’s local offices
  • higher education institutions’ deans
  • the NHS Clinical Commissioners Network
  • NHS England
  • NHS Improvement
  • patients and the public
  • Professional Bodies and Royal Colleges 

Read the full statement on the HEE website

Further information will follow as the HEE project progresses.