#HelloMyNameIs: "We must consider how we leave the patient and what effect we have had"

Published: 16 July 2018 Ezine

The life mission of Chris Pointon, the husband of the late Dr Kate Granger, is to have the #HelloMyNameIs campaign established in every country globally. It is currently in 20 nations.

Speaking at UKRCO 2018, Chris reminded delegates that "we can all make a difference in this world" and asked them to think about "What legacy do you want to leave when you die?"

Chris and Kate set-up the campaign on 30 August 2013, asking that everyone in healthcare identify themselves by name and role to patients.

Within months, Kate was being invited to speak at conferences and events around the world as the social media based initiative took off and professions, including radiographers, enthusiastically embraced the campaign's principles.

Speaking in a video recorded before she died from cancer, Kate recalled the contact she had with health and medical practitioners during her diagnosis and treatment. It was from these experiences that Chris and Kate created the campaign's key values.

"When you are a patient you realise that it is the little things that matter," Chris said.

"Somebody listening to your fears and anxieties. Telling you what is going on, what changes are being made to your care and why."

In the video, Kate said, "We must consider how we leave the patient and what effect our contact has had on them."

Chris emphasised that this applies to everyone in the NHS and wider healthcare. "No one is 'just a cleaner' or 'just a porter', or 'just a... anything else'. We are all important in the roles that we do."

Chris said that the campaign is an easy win with politicians because "it is simple to do, doesn't cost much, and makes a difference to patients."

He said, "The happiest day of my life was 23 July 2015 when I married Kate. The saddest was exactly 11 years later when she died." The date is now recognised as International #HelloMyNameIs Day.