Help the Society build a case for the Pay Review Body

Published: 05 July 2016 Ezine

For the second year running the SoR is holding a survey to establish the impact of austerity on members’ income and expenditure to help gather evidence for the Pay Review Body.  

The survey is anonymous and the data gathered will only be used to establish the depth of the impact that the government cutbacks on benefits and income have on your ability to live comfortably.

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The deadline for submissions is 31 July.

The survey is open to all SoR members in the UK and, depending on the analysis, it may be followed up with targeted research to establish if there is a disparity between countries or English regions.

Warren Town, the Society’s Director of Industrial Relations, says, “Your responses are important for providing evidence to the Pay Review Body (PRB) because it makes national recommendations and has the power to analyse the impact on earnings and recruitment variations across the UK.”

“We recognise that this is a sensitive area for many,” he continues. “But without hard data on the effect of government policy on the membership we only have anecdotal evidence to place before the PRB which can and will be challenged by the employers and the Department of Health.”

This work will also be used to benchmark the change from bursary provision to student loans.

“Although the effects of this change will take time to be seen,” Warren comments, “we need to see what effect the imposition of loans will have on disposable income, recruitment and retention of staff.

“We need a good sample for this survey to be credible and hope that you will assist us in challenging the false assumptions the government has made about the impact of the cuts in public sector provision and wages.

“This is an important piece of work and hope that you will work with us to challenge further cuts to services, and to your pay in the service.”