How AHPs will transform health and social care

Published: 13 April 2016 Ezine

Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer at NHS England, has announced a plan to collaborate on a new vision of how AHPs could be more effectively used in health and social care provision.

A new digital platform, which will be launched on the 18 April, will allow all AHPs in England to share their views on how they can deliver future care in England.

The plan is the result of discussions with the 12 professional AHP bodies, which agreed that AHPs needed to be engaged to establish common goals and challenges which could be collectively worked towards. 

You can read Suzanne’s blog introducing the plans here

Further details on how to take part will be published nearer to the time.

Richard Evans, Chief Executive at the Society of Radiographers said, “This is a great opportunity to let NHS England know the excellent examples of good practice that radiographers are already providing and to propose further innovations.

“Members should consider how you and your team could improve the services you provide, and what radiographers would do differently if you had the opportunity to make the sort of service that you would want for yourself or your family.”