Is your department ready for student observational visitors?

Published: 19 January 2016 Ezine

Over the coming months, prospective student radiographers will be finalising their university of choice to study diagnostic or therapeutic radiography.

Many higher education institutions require that students carry out an observational visit prior to the interview process of their application, so that they can get a feel for which type of radiography they want to pursue.

In this 24/7 working environment, finding time to accommodate student visitors is a challenge for departments, but to preserve the future of the profession it’s imperative that a regular flow of new students take up radiography.

This is where you as a radiography manager can make a big difference.

Some departments around the country have chosen to pair up with their local higher education institution to arrange conveniant times for students to come and visit, or to arrange departmental open days with the chance for students to speak with staff and get a feel for the profession. 

The SoR has a list of all the higher education institutions around the UK which offer radiography courses, click here to find your nearest university. 

For any further information or advice, please contact Louise Coleman at the SCoR.