Join the European celebration of radiography

Published: 21 October 2018 Ezine

In November 2018 the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS) celebrates the 10th anniversary of uniting, representing, promoting and developing the profession of radiography in Europe.

They are inviting radiographers and student radiographers from across the UK and the European continent to proudly proclaim that: “I am a Radiographer from...” or "I am a Student Radiographer from..."

EFRS are asking SoR members, radiographers and students from across Europe to take a picture of themselves, perhaps with colleagues, holding one of the posters which can be downloaded below. Please share to the EFRS Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #Radiographer2018.  

Charlotte Beardmore, the SCoR's director of professional policy and vice-president of the EFRS said, "It is essential that radiographers in the UK continue to promote the role of the radiographer to patients using 'Hello, I’m a diagnostic/therapeutic radiographer and my name is..."

"If we all continue to do this consistently in our daily professional practice, the public - patients, families and carers - will become much more aware of the radiographer and the important role we play within clinical imaging and radiotherapy."

Sue Webb, the Society's president, commented that the UK is pleased to support the EFRS with this important campaign in raising the profile of radiographers in the UK and beyond.

There is an EFRS slideshow to promote the awareness raising campaign.