Live and e-Learn?

Published: 26 June 2018 Ezine

Dorothy Keane, MBE, Clinical Programme lead e-learning for Health Imaging Interpretation programme (e-LfH) and Professional Officer at the SCoR, explained to delegates how the modules within e-LfH can be invaluable to departments, enabling staff to develop their skills and knowledge at minimum cost for maximum gain. 

“I have been a radiographer for more than 40 years and lots of things have changed – except the waiting rooms – they are as packed as ever. There is still not enough money, time, staff, available rooms, spare PCs, and there’s too much paperwork!

“Through better education, we can help our patients and that’s why I have developed e-learning,” Dorothy explained. “e-LfH is developing and delivering e-learning free to the NHS workforce and the modules are available on mobile, desktop and tablet – wherever is more convenient for you. Quality assured and written by experts in their field.”

There are currently 13 million e-learning sessions on the hub which cover many aspects of medical and healthcare and so far, 507 years of learning have been undertaken by users of the hub.

“The e-Lfh hub has been designed specifically for users – it is easy to use, easy to launch content, easy to share content with peers/trainees and easy to show evidence of learning. This is a fantastic resource and I am really proud of what we’ve done and at how many people use it.”

Key benefits

  • Provides a structural syllabus
  • Designed to equip radiographers with the skills and knowledge to provide preliminary clinical evaluations
  • Enhances everyday learning
  • Supports staff in specialisms and prepares radiographers prior to specialising
  • Available free of charge to all NHS healthcare professionals, students and lecturers

The sessions enable radiographers to better relate to the patient and imaging.

“Staff are the interface with patients and every decision made should have patients right at the centre. Use e-LfH to strengthen those decisions.”