Medical equipment shortages motion carried unanimously at TUC

Published: 22 September 2017 Ezine

The consequences of the largest ever sustained reduction in spending in the National Health Service is having consquences for patients and staff, according to Steve Herring, the chair of the Society's UK Council and the organisation's immediate past president.

Proposing the SoR medical equipment shortages motion at the 2017 TUC conference, Steve told delegates that the UK is contributing significantly less as a proportion of gross domestic product than other EU economies.

The motion asks the TUC general council to "campaign vigourously" to make the government "address the shortages of all medical equipment essential for delivering world class patient care, including the number of CT and MR scanners in radiology departments and the number and age of linear acclearators available in radiotherapy departments across the UK."

The motion was seconded by Paul Donaldson of the Hospital Consultatnts and Specialists Association.

Steve's arguments convinced delegates and the motion was approved unanimously.

See the SoR at this year's TUC video.