Never too busy to learn

Published: 19 December 2018 Ezine

A new document has been published by the Royal College of Physicians, 'Never too busy to learn: How the modern team can learn together in the busy workplace'. 

The aim is to ‘create learning opportunities in the clinical workplace’ and make these more relevant to practice improvements and quality of care. The document is a collection of short case studies, tips and reflections from a wide range of health care professionals.

Key principles highlighted are team working, modelling, motivating and providing supportive learning environments; as well as providing quick learning activities that can fit into professionals’ busy working days.

There are many examples within the document, some of which might be useful within imaging and radiotherapy departments as there is an increased focus on work-based learning and increasing opportunities to learn within the demands of a busy clinical environment, particularly with new models of educations such as apprenticeships being developed.

Examples that could be helpful include huddles, using questions to facilitate learning, pilot/co-pilot model for peer learning, case-based discussion, Schwartz rounds, simulation, peer mentoring and using technology for learning, including the use of Tweet chats.

Download the document.

The Royal College of Radiologists and the CoR are working on a review of their own team working document and this will be published during 2019.