New ‘Obtaining consent’ resources look at practical and ethical issues

Published: 06 February 2018 Ezine

A new document which provides guidance for seeking patient consent before undertaking an examination has been published by the Society.

An accompanying poster is also available to remind staff of their ethical and legal responsibilities.

“We all know that that the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce are under a great deal of time pressure, but it is imperative that members are aware of the issues surrounding the process of gaining consent from patients,” says Rachel Harris, the SCoR’s professional and education manager.

“Radiography practitioners must place the needs and values of patients and carers at the forefront of service delivery,” Rachel continued.

“Obtaining consent is a common courtesy and establishes an appropriate relationship of trust between you and the patient.

”I also want to thank Sarah James and other members of the SCoR professional and education team for their work on these important resources, as well as the core group who included Society members and representatives of our Patient and Public Liaison Group."

The document includes recommendations covering key issues such as a practitioner’s legal duty, shared decision making, capacity, risk and benefit, children, chaperones, and more.

It features an overview of the consent process adopted from The Royal College of Surgeons.

Download the document and poster

The document can be also viewed and downloaded in the document library.